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Our Team

Mohammad Fraz

Meet Fraz, an ex-googler and a dedicated educator known for simplifying DSA. With teaching experience on platforms like Unacademy, CodeChef, Coding Ninjas, NextLeap, and GFG, and his own YouTube channel, he has reached over 500K students, making challenging topics easily understandable.

Beyond the classroom, he has been inspiring students for over 4 years through his YouTube videos. Moreover, He is a seasoned problem-solver who has solved over 2000 problems across various platforms.

Pulkit Chhabra

Pulkit is a DSA expert with experience working in companies like Google, CodeNation & HackerRank. Not only that, he is also one of the most celebrated Competitive Programmers in India who is a master on CodeForces and has a 6-star rating on CodeChef.

Pulkit also has teaching experience on platforms like Relevel, Unacademy, CodeChef, Coding Blocks and Coding Ninjas. With a mix of in-depth DSA knowledge and a lot of teaching experience, he'll be a great mentor for students in their journey.