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Complete System Design Course (LLD + HLD)

Explore programming paradigms, OOP principles, and design patterns. Master Low-Level Design with case studies for interview readiness. In High-Level Design, grasp system principles, real-world scenarios, and strategic design choices for robust systems.

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Complete System Design (LLD + HLD)

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Bonus Includes:

Doubt Support

Very extensive Curriculum

Real World Case Studies

Special Group Discussion sessions

Java Fundamentals Recordings

Basic Course Details


Start Date

15th March 2024


~5 months [2.5 months (LLD) + 2.5 months (HLD)]

Class Timings

6:00 PM (IST)

Class Duration

~2 hours

Class Days

Sat, Sun

Discussion Sessions

Sat (12 to 2 PM IST)

Recordings available?


Validity of Recordings

4 Years

Programming Language


Language of Communication


About the instructor

Rohit Verma

Meet Rohit, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee. He is currently working as a senior software engineer at Google. Before that, he worked as a senior software engineer at Facebook, now known as Meta. He also worked at Amazon for 4 years. Apart from working at multiple FAANG companies, Rohit also has over 4 years of experience working in the fast-paced environments of startups.

Rohit has also conducted over 1500 interviews, 500+ of which were system design interviews. He has over 17 years of teaching experience. Previously, he taught mathematics to IIT JEE aspirants at different coaching institutes.

Different Offerings

Low Level Design

Inclusions -

65+ live hours

Classes begin on 15th March

Timings: 6PM to 8PM (Sat, Sun)

Discussion Sessions: 12PM to 2PM (Sat)

Prerequisite: Basic OOP Concepts

₹3,899 ₹5,999

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Complete System Design (LLD + HLD)

Inclusions -

130+ live hours

Classes begin on 15th March

Timings: 6PM to 8PM (Sat, Sun)

Discussion Sessions: 12PM to 2PM (Sat)

Prerequisite: Basic OOP Concepts

₹9,899 ₹17,998

45% OFF
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High Level Design

Inclusions -

65+ live hours

Classes begin on ~1st June

Timings: 6PM to 8PM (Sat, Sun)

Discussion Sessions: 12PM to 2PM (Sat)

Prerequisite: Low Level Design

₹7,799 ₹11,999

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Course Content

What is LLD and why it's important

Types of LLD questions asked in interviews.





Compare different programming languages

Exploration of different programming paradigms

Why 9 out of 10 most popular programming languages are OO

Rising popularity of functional programming





Low Coupling, High Cohesion

Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Open-Closed Principle (OCP)

Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)

Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)

Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)

Composition Over Inheritance.


Law of Demeter, Favor Immutability.

Law of Least Astonishment, Encapsulation.

Singleton Pattern

Factory Method Pattern

Abstract Factory Pattern

Builder Pattern

Prototype Pattern

Decorator Pattern

Flyweight Pattern

Composite Pattern

Facade Pattern

Adapter Pattern

Bridge Pattern

Proxy Pattern

Strategy Pattern

Command Pattern

Chain of Responsibility Pattern

Interpreter Pattern

Iterator Pattern

Mediator Pattern

Memento Pattern

Observer Pattern

State Pattern

Template Method Pattern

Visitor Pattern

Favor immutability

Avoid premature optimization

Consider using enums for small, fixed sets of constants

Follow established design pattern

Avoid over-engineering

Favor simplicity over complexity

Keep interfaces simple and clear

Cover some modern design patterns

Pure functions

Higher-order functions


Async programming

Reactive programming

Cover DSA problem from LLD point of view

How to solve DSA problems as a senior engineer.

Design Parking Lot

Design Lift Management System

Design different types of games

Design data structures

Design libraries like Logger, Rate limiter

DSA based LLD problems

Database schema design for booking sites

LLD part from System design problems

What is System design

Why is it important?

What to Expect in a System Design Interview?

Operating Systems

Concurrency vs Parallelism

Networking & Distributed Systems

Microservices vs Monolith

Journey of a URL from browser to server

Startup challenges at scale

Vertical vs Horizontal scaling




Fault vs failures


Latency vs throughput vs response time

CAP theorem

PACELC theorem

The Two Generals Problem

Paxos and Raft Consensus Algorithms

Consistent Hashing

Load Balancer

Proxy/Reverse Proxy

API Gateway




Basics of Databases


Wide column databases

Document store

Search Database

Distributed cache

Distributed key value database

Time Series database

Distributed Queue

Blob storage


Understand pros and cons of each and their applications

Different communication protocols


Batch Processing vs. Stream Processing

Heartbeat and Circuit Breaker


Database Scaling

Data Replication

Data Redundancy

Understand different formats of system design document

How to do back of the envelope calculations

Multiple examples of resource estimations.

Database Sharding

Fault Tolerance


Gossip Protocol

Distributed Locking


Circuit Breaker

Exponential Back-off

Bloom Filters

Consistent Hashing


Leader and Follower

Write-ahead Log

Segmented Log

High-Water Mark



Gossip Protocol

Phi Accrual Failure Detection

Split Brain



Vector Clocks

Hinted Handoff

Read Repair

Merkle Trees

Design Google search

Design chat System

Design subscription service

Design youtube

Design Social media like instagram/twitter

Design tiny URL

Design pastebin

Read Repair

Discuss real interview questions from FAANG

Design chat System

Tips for cracking System design interviews

Why you should join this course


Dive deep into a comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts. Learn about scalability, distributed systems, data storage, API design, and more. This isn't just theory; you'll apply it to real-world scenarios.

The skills you learn in this course go beyond system design interviews and directly translate into your daily software engineering work. You'll be able to write cleaner, more efficient, and scalable code, think critically about system trade-offs, and contribute more effectively to your team's projects.

Our instructors are veterans of building planet-scale systems. They'll share their war stories, insights, and hidden gems, giving you an unparalleled learning experience.

Unlike rote learning, our course thrives on interactive sessions. Participate in lively discussions, explore diverse solutions, and learn to weigh trade-offs like a pro. Forget "one-size-fits-all" – develop critical thinking to choose the best approach for each unique situation.

We invite senior engineers from top companies as guest speakers. Get first hand exposure to real-world challenges and solutions, gaining invaluable perspectives from the industry's elite.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to


Articulate and defend your design choices: Develop the communication skills necessary to impress and convince interviewers and stakeholders.


Master trade-off analysis : Understand the key considerations and potential pitfalls when designing complex systems.


Tackle real-world problems : Apply your newly acquired knowledge to solve realistic system design challenges , building confidence for your future endeavors.


Ace those interviews : Gain the edge you need to shine in technical interviews and land your dream architect role.

Also, Get a Signed Certificate on successful Completion of the Course.

Love from our past students hearts
Glad that I booked a session with him
I had a mock interview round for my upcoming Google Interview, I got a very detailed feedback on where to improve. He also suggested various ways to approach the problem. Overall I'm glad I booked the session with him and will book more sessions in future.
Divya Rani
MTS 3 at VMware(Broadcom)
Overall he's amazing, just 1 suggestion
No doubt, he's amazing mentor but due to time crunch, he might not able to track all mentees but yes, I connect with him 2 times & he boosted my confidence to crack google/meta level company with ease. 1 suggestion is that if he could track progress of his mentees progress timely, it'll be great.
Rest all good from my side. Amazing mentor, really thanks to his guidance.
ankit sharma
Aman Tiwari
A guiding light in my career path
Hats off to Rohit Sir. He is a great mentor. I'd like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for invaluable guidance for Meta and Google interview preparation. Thank you once again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and for being a guiding light in my career path. I look forward to continuing to learn from your wisdom and insights.
ankit sharma
Suman Bharti
Senior Software Engineer at OC10 Inc.
Significant advantages of teaming up with him
After conversing with Rohit, I recognized the significant advantages of teaming up with him for interview preparation. His invaluable guidance on DSA proved extremely helpful, and his emphasis on interview presentation was key. Despite time limitations, we managed to touch on system design during our session, but we were not able to continue for a long time. I would emphasise on the communication with the mentees.
ankit sharma
Deep Saxena
SDE (Amazon)
I truly value his helpful nature.
Whenever I find myself in a bind, I turn to Rohit, and he effortlessly resolves all my doubts. I truly value his helpful nature. Thanks, Rohit.
ankit sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

A basic understanding of object-oriented programming principles and experience with one object-oriented language is essential. Prior software development experience is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Absolutely! This course is heavily focused on practical application. You'll tackle a variety of real-world case studies covering both Low-Level Design (LLD) and High-Level Design (HLD) . Plus, we'll delve into common interview questions and scenarios to prepare you for the practical application of your knowledge.

We go beyond simply teaching concepts. We equip you with practical skills and strategies specifically designed for system design interviews. This includes:

  • Examining real interview questions and situations across different companies and roles.
  • Developing key skills like trade-off analysis, communication, and justification of design choices.
  • Providing mock interviews and feedback to hone your presentation and defense skills.

While system design expertise is particularly valuable for software architects, systems architects, and senior software engineers, it's increasingly becoming a sought-after skill for:

  • Software developers, especially those working on complex or large-scale applications.
  • Solution architects and technical consultants, who need to understand system scalability and performance.
  • Product managers and product owners, who benefit from understanding the technical feasibility of their ideas.

Yes, you guessed right, there will be 60+ live sessions if you enroll for the complete system design course. (Otherwise, ~30 sessions for LLD, and ~30 sessions for HLD)

No problem, just don't make it a habit, please. Recording for each class will be uploaded within a few hours, and the recordings will have a validity of 4 years from the course start date.

Don't worry; you'll be able to access them and the course dashboard on the mobile apps as well, which is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store .

Yes, of course. There will be an online community that you'll all become a part of after buying the course.

You should be able to access the course dashboard in the purchases section after logging in to the Classroom using the registered contact number. You may not see much on the course dashboard for now, but we'll start adding the curriculum there soon.

No, you're not. Please reach out on ; our payments team will give you access as soon as they verify your case.