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Data Structures & Algorithms (Beginner to Advanced)

A methodical live DSA course that starts with language fundamentals for beginners and goes all the way to advanced topics like Graph Algorithms, Segment Trees, Sparse Tables etc.

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Data Structures & Algorithms (Beginner to Advanced)

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Basic Course Details


Start Date

30th April 2024


~6 months

Class Timings (Weekdays)

Tue, Thu (9 PM IST)

Class Timings (Weekend)

Sun (4 PM) & Sun (9 PM)

Class Duration

2-2.5 hours

Doubt Sessions

Mon, Wed (9 PM IST)

Recordings available?


Validity of Recordings

4 Years

Programming Languages

C++ & Java

Language of Communication


About the instructor

Mohammad Fraz

Meet Fraz, an ex-googler and a dedicated educator known for simplifying DSA. With teaching experience on platforms like Unacademy, CodeChef, Coding Ninjas, NextLeap, and GeeksforGeeks, and his own YouTube channel, he has reached over 500K students, making challenging topics easily understandable.

Beyond the classroom, he has been inspiring students for over 4 years through his YouTube videos. Moreover, He is a seasoned problem-solver who has solved over 2000 problems across various platforms.

About the instructor

Pulkit Chhabra

Pulkit is a DSA expert with experience working in companies like Google, CodeNation & HackerRank. Not only that, he is also one of the most celebrated Competitive Programmers in India who is a master on CodeForces and has a 6-star rating on CodeChef.

Pulkit also has teaching experience on platforms like Relevel, Unacademy, CodeChef, Coding Blocks and Coding Ninjas. With a mix of in-depth DSA knowledge and a lot of teaching experience, he'll be a great mentor for students in their journey.

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Course Content

Choose b/w C++ & Java (parallel tracks will go on)

Introduction, Variables, Operators, Input/Output

Control Flow (if-else, loops), Methods/Functions

Array Basics, Strings

Object-oriented programming Concepts

A bit about Standard Template Library

Why, What and How?

Different Notations

Comparing different complexities

Practice problems

Theory & basic operations

Memory Allocation

Dynamic Arrays

Practising patterns like 2-pointer, sliding window, etc.

Also, auxiliary arrays, using an array as a map etc.

Multi-dimensional arrays and problems

Why, What and How?

Beginner Classical Problems

Recursion Tree & Space Time Complexities

Bubble Sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort: beginner-friendly

Merge Sort, Quick Sort: the better ones

Applications of the above algorithms

Binary Search: The OG way of searching

Practicing patterns like BS on Arrays, on the answer

A bit about Ternary Search

Intuition and Implementation

Questions based on different patterns

Doubly and circularly linked list

Design problems

Theory and Basic operations

Implementation using arrays and linked list

Expression Evaluation: In-Fix, Post-Fix etc.

Problems like Rain Water Harvesting, Next Greater Element etc.

Deque & its classical problems

Intuition behind Hash Function

Implementation unordered map

Introducing Unordered Set & Ordered Set and Map

LRU Cache

Lots of more practice problems

Prime Numbers: Primality Testing and Factorization

Sieve of Eratosthenes and its variations

Modular Arithmetic and Binary Exponentiation

Euclid’s GCD and extended GCD Algorithm

Linear Diophantine Equation and Modular Inverse

Practice, Practice, Practice

Introduction and How to identify

Activity Selection Problem, Fractional Knapsack

Job Selection Problem, Huffman Encoding

Practicing more classical problems

Classical Problems: Generating Subsets, Permutations etc

More Problems: Rat in a Maze, Sudoku Solver, N-Queen etc

Iteration vs Recursion

Classical Patterns (LIS, LCS, Knapsack, Matrix Multiplication etc.)

DP with Bitmasks

DP in Game Theory

DP for Combinatorics and Probability

DP in Trees & Graphs

Digit DP

Solving Recurrence Relations

Boolean Algebra and Bit Manipulation

Combinatorics: Basics, Binomial Cofficients, Stars & Bars etc.

Pigeon Hole Principle


Theory and Implementation

Binary Trees: traversals & basic operations

Binary Search Trees

Classical Problems

Heap Theory and Implementation

Implementing Priority CPU Scheduling

Binary Trie Theory and Implementation

Classical Problems

Theory and methods to implement

Traversals (DFS, BFS)

Connected Components & DSU

Shortest Paths - Dijkstra, Bellman Ford, Floyd Warshall Algorithms

Minimum Spanning Tree - Prim, Kruskal Algorithms

Directed Graphs

Topological Sorting, SCCs

Naive Pattern Matching & Rabin Karp

Prefix Function & KMP Algorithm

Practicing above algorithms

Practicing more string problems

Game Theory Basics

Sparse Table

Segment Tree

Fenwick Tree (aka BIT)

Why should you join?


We'd like to take some pride in saying that this is probably the most exhaustive curriculum in the market. Fraz & Pulkit sat together for hours multiple times and researched intensively to ensure that no important topic was missed.

With Fraz's knack for categorising different types of problems into easy-to-understand buckets, and Pulkit's way of approaching & explaining every problem from 1st principle, the combination of the learnings students will have is unparalleled.

We believe that when there is right motivation, you'll tend to put in those extra efforts to stand out and perform better and better. What better way than giving you exciting prizes & making you famous among your batchmates if you're performing well? xD

Also, Get a Signed Certificate on successful Completion of the Course.

Love from our past students hearts
Fraz's teaching methods made intricate concepts understandable.
I'm Sneha Jagtap, Full stack developer at Krazyfox Technology Private Limited. Fraz’s mentorship in Data Structures and Algorithms was top-notch. His teaching methods made intricate concepts understandable. I'd give him a solid 5/5 stars for his teaching and dedication. His guidance truly shaped my understanding, and I'm grateful for his expertise.
Sneha Jagtap
Full stack developer at Krazyfox Technology
Very supportive, always goes out of the way to clear all the doubts
Pulkit sir is very friendly and supportive. He always gives more than the scheduled time for classes, and never thinks k time over ho gaya aur ab logout kr dena chahiye, hamesha tab tk padhaate hain jab tk sab doubts clear na ho jaayein ya fir jab tk hum khud hi kehne lagein k sir bas kariye ab.
ankit sharma
Anuj Singh
Fraz's beginner-friendly approach facilitated a solid grasp of every concept
My overall experience with Fraz Bhaiya was nothing short of fantastic. His ability to simplify complex concepts made the course not only understandable but truly enjoyable. I commend his effective and engaging teaching style. Without hesitation, I give a solid 5/5-star rating. The entire experience was genuinely great, thanks to his expertise and dedication.
ankit sharma
Kamna Bhadoriya
3rd-year CSE student at AISSMS IOIT College Pune
Pulkit's lectures are a goldmine
I've watched almost all of Pulkit's lectures from Dijkstra variations to Binary Search and got to learn a hell lot of new things. Thinking out loud, formulating the solution, the way you write code. It's a goldmine, super thankful for it, I wish I would've found it earlier and attended live. Thank you :)
ankit sharma
Shreya Singh
4th Year, MSIT (now in Google London)
Fraz's dedication to the classes was commendable
Great experience, learned beautiful concepts during the course. Your dedication to the classes was commendable. Although I need a lot of practice, but I can now confidently approach and solve problems independently. I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking a transformative learning experience. Thank you bhaiya ❤️
ankit sharma
Trisha Mondal
Final Year Student, MAKAUT-Inhouse University
Pulkit bhaiya's course helped me crack Amazon
Pulkit bhaiya has played a crucial role in transforming me from a tier-2/3 college guy with little exposure to DSA to an SDE in Amazon. Till today, I feel that most of my way of thinking and coding that helped me crack interviews came from his course. He not only has a vast knowledge of DSA, but he actually knows how to engage the audience, and is always ready to discuss things post-class even if a single doubt is pending.
ankit sharma
Ujjwal Yadav
3rd Year, NMAMIT (now in Amazon Bengaluru)
Fraz made sure new learners like me got every concept down solid
Awesome Mentor, feel really lucky to have got a mentor like him. Learning DSA with Fraz bhaiya was awesome! His way of simplifying complex stuff made it all so much fun and easier to grasp concepts. He made sure new learners like me got every concept down solid. Gotta hand it to his cool teaching style—totally engaging and effective!
ankit sharma
Malvika Singh
Last year of college
Without Pulkit sir's guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today
Pulkit Sir's teaching methodology for DSA is truly incomparable. He challenges you to think critically about solutions, and I can confidently say that my current position is a testament to his invaluable mentorship. Without his guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today.
ankit sharma
Arjun Aggarwal
2nd Year, IIT BHU (now in Sprinklr Gurugram)
Transformative DSA course, brought clarity to complex concepts.
FRAZ's DSA course provided a transformative learning, loved the way of teaching concepts. The well-structured, stepwise content with practice problems and engaging teaching style brought clarity to complex DSA concepts. Live-classes vibes are top-notch! Offered a thorough understanding of each topic. Totally worth my time and money.
ankit sharma
Pratishtha Singh
4th Year
Pulkit sir's approach of explaining things in total depth is unforgettable
For almost a year, I actively attended Pulkit sir's DSA course to learn various topics. From bringing top notch cp problems from various sources to debugging code in live classes, from clearing doubts in audio channels to explaining topics in a total depth, his approach and friendliness with students is unforgettable.
ankit sharma
Priyank Doshi
Senior Principal SWE (Birst)
Amazing teaching skills. Fraz makes even the most difficult topic easy to understand
As I was not from an IT background, I was always scared of coding. But the way Fraz taught, he made it very easy to understand. He made me solve a lot of problems on each topic with a step-by-step approach. I was able to crack Uber, Amazon, and Microsoft, and the best part is that I didn't pay Fraz, as he is my brother
ankit sharma
Maliha Bakhshi
SDE Microsoft
Taking Pulkit sir's course was one of my best decisions of 2021
I learned DSA from Pulkit sir in 2021 and taking that course was one of my best decisions in that year. His explanations on all the topics were crystal clear leaving no room for doubts in the first place. He taught things taking into account the lowest common denominator and therefore, all of us were on the same page in the sessions that followed.
ankit sharma
Gaurav Chaudhari
MS, IIIT Hyderabad (now in Qualcomm Hyderabad)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we've got you covered, but safety comes with precaution, and for you, that means a commitment to attend classes and practice regularly.

In most companies that pay highly, there is at least 1 DSA interview round, even when hiring for senior levels. And if I talk about famous product-based companies hiring freshers, then almost all the interview rounds are DSA-based. Now, whether DSA is a good metric to hire or not is a debate for a different day, but what we've told above holds true presently.

Honestly, it depends on your time management, but we'd like to share that both instructors did it in their college time. There needs to be more than the DSA taught in most colleges for placements & internships.

We'll have 2 parallel tracks for the initial part of the cohort, where the basic language fundamentals will be taught, but after that, we'll have a single merged track where algorithms discussed will be common for C++ and Java, and codes in both the languages will be given.

Yes, you guessed right, there will be 100+ live sessions.

No problem, just don't make it a habit, please. Recording for each class will be uploaded within a few hours, and the recordings will have a validity of 4 years from the course start date.

We have yet to do an exact counting but be ready to solve 500+ problems.

Yes, of course. There will be an online community that you'll all become a part of after buying the course.

This is precisely why we've hired TAs who are experts in DSA. Trust us, we've grilled them well in their interviews.
Also, the 2 doubt sessions we have every week will come to your rescue.

That's not necessary. When on the checkout page, you'll see that there are EMI options for many of the cards.

You should be able to access the course dashboard once you purchase it. You may not see much on the course dashboard for now, but we'll start adding the curriculum by 2nd half of April.

No, you're not. Please reach out to us on Our payments team will give you access as soon as they verify your case.